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Our recreational programs are designed to introduce the sport of gymnastics to boys & girls of varying age groups. During this structured class, your athlete will spend time on each of the apparatus (related to their program), some of which include: the Vault, Uneven Bars, Parallel Bars, High Bar, Beam, Floor, Rope & Rings, Pommel Horse, Tumbl-Trak, Trampoline, Mini-Tramp, and our Foam Pit.

Our Coaches will help your athlete develop important skills including balance, flexibility, strength, endurance, coordination, agility, control, and spatial awareness through swings, springs, landings, locomotion's, stationary positions, and rotations. All of this learning and developing the basic fundamentals of gymnastics in a high-energy and fun-filled environment! In addition to athletic development, these programs provide a great opportunity for personal and social development.

Our recreational programs focus on proper skill progressions and techniques while learning to interpret verbal and non-verbal messages through our creative and challenging circuits. The athletes will follow a specifically designed program to progress and meet their gymnastics goal. In contrast to our competitive programs, the recreational programs are not competitive in nature, have short duration sessions, and are more play-oriented. These programs are perfect when introducing children to Gymnastics as well as to continue to have them develop in the sport and offer a great opportunity for children and youth to interact with one another, make new friends, increase their self-confidence, challenge themselves, and have fun all while developing their Gymnastics skills. 

We accept ongoing registration for our Sessions throughout the year even after the session has started, as long as there is still space available in the class, and the fees are pro-rated every week. 

Contact us by email for a paid TRIAL Class.

All of our classes are subject to Registration, Availability, and Schedule

Please Note:
Our Recreational Classes will be working on Recreational skills. Athletes in our recreational program will NOT be learning handsprings, aerials or saltos (flips).
If you feel your athlete is at that level and working towards those skills please look into our Gems Program (Pre-Competitive) or Private Lessons.

From July to August. Typically 8-10 weeks in length. Click here for more information.

click here for more information

From February to June. Typically 18-22 weeks in length. Click here for more information.

  Registration/ Payment Options:

  • ONLINE: VISA debit, VISA or MasterCard
  • Please note, we do not accept registrations over the phone.


Recreational/Gems Program Inquiries
 Competitive Program Inquiries :