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Membership Requirements

July 2023 - June 2024


Each year, parents must read through this package, and accept the Membership Agreement. The Membership Agreement is binding for parents and gymnasts. The Membership Agreement cannot be altered without written approval from the Owner. Parents must accept the agreement as written for membership and training to begin.


Your rights under the Consumer Protection Act, 2002:

  • You may cancel this agreement at any time during this period that ends (10) days after the later of the day you receive a written copy of the agreement and the day all the services are available. You do not need to give the supplier a reason for cancelling during this 10-day period. 
  • In addition, there are grounds that allow you to cancel this agreement. You may also have other rights, duties and remedies at law. For more information, you may contact the Ministry of Consumer and Business Services.
  • To cancel this agreement, you must give notice of cancellation to the supplier, at the address set out in the agreement, by any means that allows you to prove the date on which you gave notice. If no address is set out in the agreement, use any address of the supplier that is on record with the Government of Ontario or the Government of Canada or is known by you.
  • If you cancel this agreement, the supplier has fifteen (15) days to refund any payments you have made out and return to you all goods delivered under a trade-in agreement (or refund an amount equal to the trade-in allowance).


Acceptance of this Agreement: 

  • In all cases, fees are non-refundable after the 10 day period once classes begin.  A refund will be issued before or within the 10 day period, less classes passed and a $50 + HST cancellation fee
  • $25 + HST Admin fee will be charged for all cancellations.
  • The annual G.O. insurance & registration fee of $50.00 + HST is non-refundable
  • Non-attendance does not constitute notice of withdrawal. Dated, written withdrawal (email) is required.


Monthly Fees:

  • Fees are payable in monthly installments by the following method:
  • Providing a Visa or Mastercard number to Uplifter, in order for fees to be processed automatically at the 1st of each month.  


Parent Commitment Hours:

  • Gemini Gymnastics does everything we can to create a fun atmosphere for our athletes. We like to host events for the girls that require a lot of work to put on.
  • All families are required to commit hours in order to help out (e.g. with set-up & re-set of the gym, greeting of Recreational athletes, etc.).
  • We ask that every Gems family commits 2 shifts during the year to be completed by June 30th to help out the gym. $30+HST per shift missed to be billed July 1st. 


 Early Withdrawal

  • Between September and end of February: Family is required to complete 1 SHIFT that is happening between Sept and the end of February, or buyout.
  • Between March 1 and June 30: Family is required to complete 2 SHIFTS, or buyout.


Examples of Shifts:

  • Competition
  • Christmas Show
  • Showcase in June
  • Greeters for Recreational Sessions
  • Other (at discretion of the Rec Director)



  • A link will be emailed to sign-up using Sign-Up Genius
  • First come first serve basis
  • As a courtesy, we request that you notify us as far in advance as possible if you are unable to fulfill a particular commitment.
  • There will be a Sign In and Sign Out sheet for each job at the front desk.


Buyout Program (No Parent Commitment Shifts):

  • Each family has the option at the beginning of the season to opt out of all parent commitments for a Buyout Fee: $60 + HST (due before the start of training)


Scheduled Days Off:

  • Your athlete is entitled to one day off for each statutory holiday regardless of whether or not the holiday falls on their training day. ALL scheduled days off are prorated into your monthly fee structure so payments do not fluctuate.


Statutory Holidays for 2023-24 Include:

  • June 1, 2023 - Canada Day
  • September 4, 2023 Labour Day
  • October 9, 2023 Thanksgiving
  • December 25, 2023 Christmas Day
  • December 26, 2023 Boxing Day
  • January 1, 2024 New Years Day
  • February 19, 2024 Family Day
  • March 29, 2024 Good Friday
  • April 1, 2024 Easter Monday
  • May 20, 2024 Victoria Day


Missing Training:

  • If you miss a day of training for any reason, there is no make-up class offered.
  • Please inform us of any absences
  • We will not provide make-up classes or changes to schedules to accommodate other sporting schedules. It is also not possible to prorate so that you are able to come to only one of the scheduled classes.
  • If a coach must cancel a class, there will be a make-up class offered.


Withdrawal Policy:

  • If you decide at any time that you wish to withdraw from the program, written notice to the Recreational Director ( must be provided 30 days prior to withdrawal. After the 1st of the month, training fees are not refundable. In any case, the annual G.O. Insurance & Registration fee of $50 + HST is non-refundable. Non-attendance does not constitute notice of withdrawal.
    • Example: If you submit a withdrawal on October 2nd, fees for both October and November will be due. The athlete can attend training until the end of November.
    • Example: If you submit withdrawal on October 1st, fees for October will be due. The athlete can attend training until the end of October.


Training Schedule Changes:

  • Any training schedule changes will be e-mailed with as much advance notice as possible. If you have not received an email for a particular training day, regular training times are in effect.
  • Please write down any changes in your calander upon recieving the email. We do not want athletes showing up if there is no training!
  • Please be sure you are opted into 'Parent Information Messages' on Uplifter.
  • Please note we will not be making phone calls for any chages in schedule.


Media and Public Relations:

  • Throughout the year Gemini receives media coverage from local newspapers and television stations, and our website is updated regularly to reflect meet results and Gemini news. This media and internet coverage includes information\/results and photographs of our Club, gymnasts and coaches. 
  • This is a very important part of enhancing the image of Gemini in our community, which in turn benefits our members, the Club and our sponsors. 
  • As part of your membership, all members must permit Gemini Gymnastics to use their childs name and/or photograph for media, publicity and corporate sponsorship publications, marketing events/tools and information. 
  • Consideration only under special circumstances to not include a Gemini member in any of the above media/publicity or corporate sponsorship mediums\/events will require the approval of the Owner through request in writing.


Seating Room Policy:

  • There should be no watching your athlete while in training It is hard to measure progress when you are too close to it!  For safety reasons, do not communicate with your daughter through the window. It is distracting for the gymnasts and also the coaches. Excessive viewing can negatively affect the gymnasts progress, and\/or performance, and her safety. 
    • There will be opportunities for videos to be taken or spectating throughout the year.


Dance Room:

  • No personal medication is to be left in the Dance room.
  • No shoes or boots are permitted to be worn in the Dance room, please place them in the cubbies provided.
  • Clothing must be kept in gym bags\/in the cubbies provided. 
  • Absolutely no food or drinks (except water) are allowed in the Dance room.
  • Gymnasts are not permitted in the Dance room during training.
  • Items left in the Dance room are not the responsibility of Gemini Gymnastics.
  • Do not bring any jewellery, money, or other valuables to the gym. 


Head Lice Policy:

  • Your daughters hair must be tied back at all times. 
  • Lice do not like hair products so it is beneficial to use gel or hairspray or tea tree oil.
  • Check your daughters hair often for any signs of nits, etc.
  • If your child has lice or nits, do not send her to the gym. 
  • If your daughter has lice, her head must be treated and all nits must be removed before returning to gym.
  • Please remember, when a child has lice, it is in no way indicative of her home environment. Lice are inconvenient pests and anyone can get lice.
  • For more information, please contact the Durham Region Health Department.

Plantars Warts:

  • Gymnasts must have all plantars warts covered with tape, and be seeking treatment. For more information, please contact the Durham Region Health Department.



Other Policies and Helpful Hints


Parking Lot/Driving Policy

  • Parking is available in the south lot. There is additional parking available in the lot west of our facility (across the road). Please do not park anywhere but in the designated parking spots. Do not park along the curb or along the fence. During peak times, the parking lot is crowded; please follow the direction of the one-way signs coming into the facility and drive slowly and carefully.


Smoking on Gemini Property Policy

  • Due to law regulations as well as complaints from our athletes and coaches about the smell reaching into the building, no smoking is permitted on the property, in your vehicle, or standing outside. If you must smoke, please move to the road and dispose of your cigarette butts correctly (they do not biodegrade, please do not litter).


Lost and Found

  • The Dance Room and gym will be cleaned nightly. Items of clothing left behind are not the responsibility of Gemini Gymnastics, and will be placed in the Lost & Found. Please ask at the front office to check theLost & Found regularly. It will be emptied monthly and all articles given to charity.


Drop Off and Pick Up:

  • We are asking parents NOT to enter the facility to reduce overall traffic. We have a drop off station set up outside.
    • Reminder: Parents are not to be watching their Gems athletes training (as noted above).
    • Please do not arrive more than 5 minutes before class
    • Athletes will be dismissed from training one at a time through the emergency door at the side of the building. Please be ready and wait in the parking lot about 5 minutes before the end of class. Please pick up your child on time; there will be a charge of $15 + HST for each 15 minutes past the class end time.  


Parent’s Guide for a Gymnast in the Gems Program


It is the responsibility of the Rec Director, in consultation with the rest of the coaching staff, to assess each child based on her individual development, desire, skill level, and talent. Gymnasts can be moved from one program to another at any time during the year; however, most movements occur in January, July, and September. 

Communication is Key

  • In order to ensure that your child’s experience at Gemini is a positive one, parents, athletes, and coaches must all work together.  A key element to this is making sure that we have an open line of communication at all times. In order to facilitate understanding and open communication, parents are encouraged to bring matters (that could potentially affect their child’s training) to the attention of their Coach/Rec Director.


Here are some guidelines to assist you and your daughter’s fulfillment in the Gems Program:


  • Do not compare your child with others.  It is very important to focus on your own child and to not compare her to others. Every child progresses in her own way and at her own pace.  Although a change of group may be appropriate for one child or situation, it may not be suitable in every case. Our coaches are experts at working with many individual abilities and personalities and make decisions only in the best interest of each gymnast.  A gymnast’s achievements are as important to her coaches as they are to the gymnast and her parents.


  • Remain positive at all times.  Trust is a huge part of the working relationship between a coach and a child; if it is not there, your child will not progress. For example, criticizing the coach in front of a child only leads to doubt. If a child doubts her parent’s support of the coach, she will do the same. If you have questions about your daughter’s coach, make an appointment to speak with the coach, or Rec Director.


  • Progress is not measured on skill alone.  In the sport of gymnastics a child can progress in a number of ways not always visible to the parent. Strength, flexibility, form, body awareness, coachability, attitude, age, maturity, and gymnast commitment are just a few important factors (in addition to skill development) that can determine a gymnast’s progress or placement. Since our coaches work many hours with our children, only they are familiar with each child’s ability as a gymnast and are best qualified to assess their potential based on her individual development, desire, skill level, and talent. 


  • Be patient.  Children learn on their time, not ours. Please support your child, but leave the coaching to the coaches.


  • Do not vent in the lobby areas.  Believe it or not, most negative talk follows our children into the gym. It is passed to other children and to their coaches creating a tense and upsetting environment for all. Complaints and frustrations are firstly to be directed to the coach or Rec Director. If it is an issue with the club, then questions should first be directed to the Rec Director who may refer you to the Owner. Please respect this policy, as it is most important in fostering a positive learning environment. The coaches cannot fix issues with your daughter if they are not made aware of it, and the Owner/ Rec Director cannot address issues with the club if they are not made aware of it.


  • Do not interrupt the coaches.  The gym is off limits to all parents. Coaches and gymnasts are not to be interrupted during class, or between classes. If it is urgent, ask a staff member to contact your daughter’s coach. If your daughter will be more than 10 minutes late, an email is courteous.


  • Stay informed.  At Gemini, we offer many resources to our members to help them stay informed and to learn about Gymnastics at Gemini. You can also check for updates on our Facebook page: Gemini Gymnastics, our Instagram page: gemini_gym. The Rec Director and Office Staff are quite willing to answer any questions or seek out information on your behalf. 


  • Get involved.  Gemini is always looking for new volunteers and fresh ideas. So, if you think you can help, please do! This is a way for the Gems families to become more involved and also see how hard the competitive families work to keep these programs fun! Please speak with the Rec Director about other ways you can help. Your support is very important to us.


Athlete Expectations


Athlete Training Expectations (Please go over with your athlete):

  • Hair: tied back tightly. Ponytails that hang over the eyes when flipped up must be in a bun, or in a looped braid.
    • Shorter hair that could cover the eyes must also be clipped back
  • Gym Attire: 
    • Gymsuit must be a full piece from October through May. - make sure they are clean and have no holes\/rips.
    • Half top and shorts are permitted June through September
    • Athletic Fitted shorts and fitted leggings are permitted over a leotard.
    • In the winter you may wear a sweater and pants during warm up if you are cold. They MUST be removed before you do any skills.
    • No baggy clothing
    • No socks.
    • No clothing is to be left laying on the floor
      • Please put it on the water shelf or leave ti upstairs in the Dance Room
  • Grips: Athletes with a Kip. 
    • Brand: Reisport - Can be purchased on Amazon ('Reisport Women's Uneven Double Buckle Bar Grips'). Let your Coach know if you would like to be sized.
    • Spray Bottle
    • Wristbands: Please ask your daughter to bring her wristbands home to wash each week, and ensure she brings them back. KEEP YOUR WRISTBANDS CLEAN!
    • Chalk: all athletes will be required to purchase their blocks of chalk through the gym. A sealable container for storing your chalk is required. Chalk purchased elsewhere is not permitted due to the quality control needed on the bars, and for maintaining cleanliness in the gym.
    • These items should be in a grip bag. 
  • Athletic Tape: It is always good to have a roll or two on hand for rips. Can be purchased at Sportchek or a Pharmacy.
  • First Aid\/Toiletry Kit: All Gems athletes are required to have a First Aid Bag 
    • Extra hair elastics and clips, small brush, Lip Balm, Band-aids, Feminine supplies if required.
  • Water - All gymnasts MUST have a bottle of water for EVERY training session. All containers must be labelled with your daughters name. 
    • Please Note: Beverages high in sodium and\/or sugar or sugar substitutes (aspartame, sucralose) should be used cautiously during training. Ice-cold beverages are not good during training, please encourage cool or room temperature water. It is also better to drink small amounts throughout training rather than consume a large amount at once.
  • Sportsmanship
    • I WILL PRACTICE EXCELLENT SPORTSMANSHIP at all times, by encouraging my fellow teammates and by being a team player.
    • I WILL ACT IN WAYS THAT BRING RESPECT to my coaches, parents, other gymnasts, my club and myself. 
    • I WILL NOT INSULT other people.
    • I WILL DISPLAY A POSITIVE ATTITUDE at all times. Negative talk about myself, coaches, parents, and\/or other gymnasts is not permitted.
  • Training
    • I WILL BE COMMITTED TO GYMNASTICS and willing to work hard to achieve short and long term goals. 
    • I WILL LEARN AND FOLLOW the rules of my sport. 
    • I WILL LISTEN TO MY COACHES and follow their instruction to the best of my ability. 
    • I WILL ALWAYS TRY MY BEST during training. 
  • Responsibility for My Actions
    • I WILL NOT talk back and/or argue with my coach. 
    • I WILL NOT ENGAGE in inappropriate behaviour while at the gym
    • I WILL OBEY THE RULES of Gemini Gymnastics. 
  • Training Agreement
    • Gymnasts must be on the floor on time for warm-up and should not enter the gym until 5 minutes before class.
    • Gymnasts may not leave the Coach for any reason without seeking permission. 
    • Gymnasts are expected to fully participate in all training and conditioning activities.
    • Gymnasts must be able to work independently and with others on the tasks provided by the coaching staff.
    • Gymnasts are not permitted to bring food and beverages in the dance room (water only). 
    • Gymnasts must keep the dance room clean and tidy at all times. 
    • Gymnasts may not linger in the dance room, and are not to be in there during training. 



Membership Agreement


By submitting and signing this form, I acknowledge that I am aware that there are risks with gymnastics. I warrant that the participant named on this information form, is physically fit to participate in gymnastics. I acknowledge that there is potential risk for injury involved in any sport. I understand that Gemini Gymnastics and Gymnastics Ontario have tried to create a safe and controlled environment for participation and that the club established rules for participation must be followed by the participant at all times. By submitting and signing this form, I grant permission to Gemini Gymnastics to photograph and/or record my child’s image and/or voice on still or motion picture film and/or audio tape, and to use this material to promote Gemini Gymnastics through the media of newsletters, websites, television, film, radio, print and/or display form. I waive any claim to remuneration for use of audio/visual materials used for these purposes.


By signing this agreement I hereby declare that:


  • My family has thoroughly read this Membership Agreement/Parent Orientation/Information Package.
  • I will ensure that all information on the Athlete Profile will remain accurate.  If there is any change to my personal information I will inform the Recreational Director immediately to update the information.
  • I understand and will instruct my child that she must wait inside the facility to be picked up at the end of class and if I am late she should report to her coach/ a staff member immediately.  Her coach will make the necessary phone calls using the numbers on the Parent Profile if a parent is more than 10 minutes late.
  • If my child needs to leave early, I will inform the coach ahead of time in order to provide as little disruption to class as possible.
  • I understand and agree to adhere to all Gems Policies outlined in this Agreement.
  • I understand that in any case, fees are not refundable if past the 10 day period from the time services are available. A refund will be issued before or within the 10 day period, less classes passed and a $50 + HST cancellation fee will apply. A $25 + HST Admin fee will also be charged. Dated, written withdrawal is required. Non-attendance does not constitute notice of withdrawal.
  • I understand that in any case, the annual G.O Insurance & Registration fee of $50.00 + HST is non-refundable. (Due July 1st of each year).
  • I understand and agree that if my daughter withdraws between Sept to the end of Feb, I must fulfill all of my Parent Commitment Duties until the end of Feb.
  • I understand and agree that if my daughter withdraws between Mar 1 and Aug 31 that I must fulfill all of my Parent Commitment Duties for the full season or pay out.
  • I acknowledge that I have Parent Commitment Shifts to complete by June 30 (Gems = 2 billable shifts at $30/shift + HST). I understand that $30+HST per shift not completed will be charged to my account.
  • I acknowledge that in order for my child to begin training in the Gems Program, I must become a Visa or MasterCard member as well as all required forms.
  • I understand and have reviewed the Athlete Training Expectations with my child.
  • I understand that I may be called to pick my child up if she is ill, has misbehaved, or due to inclement weather.
  • I understand that if my child is not picked up on time a late fee of $15 + HST will be charged for every 15 minutes late.
  • I understand that if my account is in arrears after 5 days it will result in suspension of the athlete from training.
  • I understand that my child’s photograph, biographical and other information may be used by Gemini Gymnastics.
  • I understand that I must provide Gemini with a 30 day written (email) withdrawal notice to Only after 30 days from the withdrawal notice, payments will be cancelled. (Non-attendance does not constitute notice of withdrawal).
    • I understand that that if I withdraw after the 1st of the month fees will be due for the current month and the following month.
  • I understand that the summer schedule changes and the hours may change; therefore, my fees will be adjusted accordingly.
  • I understand that make-up classes are not available due to coach/athlete class ratios.  Missing classes could mean missing important lessons/injury prevention information. 
  • I understand if I withdraw my child anytime during the year, the full commitment hours are still due by the Buyout option only.

We have read the contents of this Membership Agreement.  We agree that failure to meet all of these requirements, and those stipulated in the Club’s Constitution & By-Laws will forfeit our Membership with Gemini Gymnastics.


Recreational/Gems Program Inquiries
 Competitive Program Inquiries :